The Sons of Issachar understood the times. I thought of this Biblical adage as I tried to understand USA Democrats and their current political manoeuvring in antics of concocting and taking sole refuge in the impeachment of Trumpism. Trumpism generally refers to the non-traditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

The Democrats and their impeachment drama attest a confused, visionless if not stuck paradigm, ego-driven and wholly misplaced body politic that hitherto have disrespected the American voter.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what they accuse Trump off. Let me upfront state I do not support Trump never has and never will. Yet, the Americans voted for this man wart and all to be their 45th president. It appears the problem is the embarrassment of the Democratic political elite. I will venture to say nothing will come of this impeachment drama. What the Democrats hope to achieve with this may just backfire very badly when Trumpism stands victorious in a second term.

In this sense, Democrats register a misplaced bunch of political elites completely out of sync with their own nation’s current realities. Trump will serve a second term simply because impeachment will fail since the said crime despite the reduced two articles for impeachment as adopted do not constitute an impeachable offence.

Critical to the ill-calculation on the part of the Democrats is their misreading of the USA voter, the short period left before the next elections, the dynamics of the globe and the generally accepted success of the American president in kaftans of domestic politics of statistics on an economy and job number improvements. They make the mistake liberal elites make all over the globe to assume their elitist interest is necessarily congruent with the masses interest.

What they hoping to sell the American citizen and voter is Trump committed an impeachable offence when they never paused to ask themselves, do the citizens want a president impeached who’s acknowledged claim is the reduction of unemployment, in particular for the minorities he is claimed to hate. Their discomfort with a non-conventional, uncouth, not to be controlled president blinds them to engage in self-critique objectively and make a   case for impeachment and presents its uniformed candidate to trump Trumpism.

The rationale for their current call for impeachment is faulty and desperate. There is little doubt that Trump is a racist with nationalistic narrow thinking that shoots his mouth off at whim – all in sloganeering  of ‘make America great again.’ The democrats have failed to understand and are embarrassed to concede that many in the USA share Trump’s ideological footprint and epistemology.

In their blindness not to pause and engage in self-critique on their rationale, they neglect to ask perhaps for clarity on the weightier matters of can we separate former vice-president Joe Biden as the current poll-directed front-runner from the Democrat’s impeachment attempt and what America needs? They should in sobriety ask is there a case that Biden and his son must answer or not?

Oblivious to the fact that scarce time and party resource is wasted in this impeachment drama, they continue to burrow into the air because they have wrongly accepted Biden informed by current polls is still the front runner to secure the Democrat nomination. Erroneously Democrats hold the uncritical believe that the hope of the Democrats and by-default America is Joe Biden.

Perhaps a more pertinent point for consideration is when will the Democrats drop the ever-ballooning list of potential candidates who attest such a conflicting crowd of ideological androgyny to find the one person from pretenders to the White House that will stand against Trump when he is the Republicans number one and only contender? We know that Trump has hijacked the Republicans who are all too happy to be subservient to Trumpism.

For what it’s worth, while the House is led by the Democrats hopes to conclude a case for impeachment it will go nowhere in the Senate, besides the fact that there is a very real possibility that Democrats in the House may end up voting against it.

When I argue the Democrats wasting energy in the wrong places, it is to cite their misreading the interest of the American voter. It is to conflate what America needs in this epoch with what they assume is the good old business-as-usual politics.

If Trump desires to make America great again, we know the Democrats dreams of making politics normal again. That normal is what they consider before Trump was elected. It is, therefore, a gross miscalculation of global politics in which Trump has become normal.

Democrats must come clean and admit they have no agreed alternative to Donald Trump. They must admit that Trump left them in the dust of their elite party embarrassment.

Democrats must admit they are engaging in the politics of the elite with this forced primary focus to make the case for impeachment. They have not once answered what the average American with his /her $28000 annual salary dealing with an avalanche of evolving social challenges deserve.  They are indeed engaging in the politics of the elite. The voters may completely be disinterested in the luxury the political elites afford in new rag-doll of impeachment. There misplaced focus in energy is exactly the reason why Trump will serve a second term.

The Republicans on the other hand long ago realized Trump has eclipsed them as a phenomenon and they have surrendered the party’s immediate future to his whims because he as one man confirms the nemesis of any Democrat attempt to the proverbial throne of a White House. Republicans have perhaps for convenient reasons resigned themselves to accept Trumpism for what it is and have accepted it can’t argue on the economic front and job numbers with Trump’s success rate.

The Democrats problem is an internal anti-polar ideological one. On one hand, you have the social democratic and leftist stream led by Bernie Sanders that now has more than traction in particular among the younger voters. When everyone thought that post a Hillary Clinton nomination loss,  Sanders and his ‘radical’ social democratic ideology would evaporate they found out Sanders continues to have increased support. Its androgynous ideological convictions present the democrats as confused, not reading the time and space the globe finds itself in and necessarily out of step with American needs.

The recent entry of former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg to the race has as one fundamental aim that is to stop Bernie Sanders and his policies as it relates to the wealthy. Bloomberg’s tons of money is employed to split the already fragmented ideology line to favour the old normal of Democrat politics. Meaning at an ideological level the leftist and radically leaning must be stopped to return Democrat politics and America per se to the old palatable order of business as usual. The contest at play is a move to rid the Democrats from a perceived if not radical used leftist leaning socialist ideological foothold, which is considered by liberals who the world over are conservatives as a threat to America’s future.

The Democrats, therefore, hopes to use an impeachment process to cover its glaring nakedness of ideological contradictions and a hunkering to an old order of politics which is a distant past reality since politics for the USA and the globe has changed perhaps for a long while looking forward.

Democrats must find the answers to deal with Trumpism, a notion of governance that is crudely nationalistic in fundamental orientation, self-absorbed in personality of daily tweeting, racist and misogynistic in personal appeal, ill in appreciation of a two-hundred-year-old tradition of USA politics, oblivious to truth in articulations however very popular in delivery of the basics in the critical areas of a functional economy and improvement in job creation.

Can the confused Democrats trump Trumpism and prevent a second term? I do not think so, particularly since it opted to easy refuge in the assumption of a claim that they know what the average American need. Equally so not if they remain in these glaring ideological contradictions in which they seek to protect the avuncular Joe Biden, their misplaced hope to restore old order politics from the due question.

In the end, the impeachment will fail and Donald J Trump will serve a second term because the Democrats failed to read the signs of the times.


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