A Pastor from New Castle in KwaZulu Natal died this morning after he set himself on fire to protest against high food prices in South Africa.

Pastor Amos Gumede of the Temple of the last days church,who for weeks complained to his church members that South Africans are getting poorer and poorer and no one is doing anything about it, wanted to lead by example when he brought five liters of petrol and a box of matches to his church to demonstrate that he is against high food prices.

“A loaf of bread was R3.50 a couple of years ago and now it is R14.50. How much is it going to be 5 years from now? This is wrong, it is so wrong. What is the church doing about this, Are we going to watch our people suffer as our country goes down the drain?” Pastor Gumede asked his church members before pouring five liters petrol on himself and lighting himself up.

At first, members cheered him, but later tried to help as he started screaming for help. They however could not help him as the flame was too big.

“It seems he was not aware the fire would cause so much pain on his body and kill him. We tried to help him, but it was too late.” one church member said.

An ambulance and police officers arrived and hour later but could not do much as his body was already a pile of ashes.


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