7 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding Transportation


Are you planning your wedding ceremony but you do not have adequate resources? Wedding parties require a lot of budgeting it doesn’t matter what your total cost! If you are seeking ways of cutting down the costs on your wedding vehicle but still remain within that classic, stylish during your special day, we have listed some of the ways that you easily apply to save some money on bridal car and we feel they will of great help to you.

You can use a bus

This may not necessarily denote a local bus but you can get one of the best and budget bus for your day and this can be more cost effective  compared to if you rented several wedding vehicles to accommodate all the guests and this means that you can decide to bring all of them at once. This may not as stylish as a coach ore minibus but you can decorate it well with wedding ribbons and flowers just to make it also look so special.

Minicabs and taxis

For those of you who want the most surprising wedding transportation but you are not in position to rent a vintage car for you and your parents, the groom and the best man or your mum and all the other bridesmaids, you can choose to rent one remarkable vehicle for just wedding photos and have the rest of the bridal party come in a bit less than the minicabs or even be delivered by friends or family members who have cars. You can get a local cab company which provides stylish new vehicles which are a bit special and inquire if they can help decorate it for you to suit within the wedding ceremony.

Embark on your bikes

In case your wedding venues are nearer, then be environmentally friendly and save the natural environment by simply using your own bikes. The brides may not be in position to do this in a ball gown. You can decorate your bicycles with flowers and ribbons or pearls and make sure that you invest much on a tandem which you can use for many years to come.

Have it in traditional walk

In case you are lucky enough to live nearer o wedding venue and reception then you can take traditional walk with your bride and all your guests behind you. This will come with remarkable wedding photos.

Be aware of the season

Did you know that there is peak and low season when it comes to renting wedding cars? If you are keen enough, you can save up to 50 percent on low a season compared to if you hired a car during the peak season which come with high prices.

Incorporate wedding car with honeymoon

In case you are getting married abroad, you can save some money by organizing a wedding vehicle as well as honeymoon in one package. You can choose to have a honeymoon road trip and rent the best vehicle to cater for both the party and your travel.

Ask a family member or friend for a car

In case your friends or family member has one of the classic cars then you can get together and use his or her car to make the day colorful for you too and at the end of the day you would have cut costs of renting many cars.

In conclusion, wedding ceremonies are costly and require adequate planning but if the above tips are fully followed, you will certainly have a chance to save some money during your wedding day and use it for other plans as you start your new life.


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