Mozambican President Felipe Nyusi has called for much closer cooperation between the Tanzanian Parliament and that of his country in a quest to control cross-border crimes.

In his 25-minute address to the Parliament of Tanzania on Tuesday, Mr Nyusi hinted that illegal immigration and maritime piracies were some of the transnational crimes which need joint efforts in a bid to curtail them.

“I call upon the National Assemblies of our countries to join forces and ensure that cross-border crimes are fought jointly,” he asserted.

He noted that there are challenges that afflict the region at the moment which needed combined efforts between legislatures and governments, thus the role of parliaments remain significant.

He pointed out that Members of Parliament (MPs) on both sides have a noble duty to strengthen and preserve the historic and exemplary relationship between Tanzania and Mozambique.

Flanked by President Jakaya Kikwete, Mr Nyusi noted that addressing the Tanzanian Parliament constituted a special occasion that consolidates the bilateral cooperation.

He affirmed that the strong relationship forged by the Tanzanian Father of Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the former Mozambican president, Samora Machel, greatly helped the two nations to attain socio-economic development.

“I am also here to reaffirm and consolidate our friendship which was established by Julius Nyerere and Samora Machel. This is one of the reasons that made me decide to choose Tanzania as the first country to visit,” he told the legislators amid applause.

The president noted that problems in Tanzania and Mozambique have to be confronted collectively because of the strength of the relationship between the two countries.

He asserted that all forms of segregation were supposed to be buried to let citizens from both sides enjoy, cherish and benefit from the fruits of freedom that former presidents fought for.

Mr Nyusi expounded further that the relationship between the two countries should not only be preached on political podiums but also through enhancing social ties.

“We invite people from Tanzania to come to Mozambique, not only as a sign of building unity but also to exploit a number of opportunities that we can collectively utilise for mutual benefit,” he asserted.

He also called upon Tanzanian business people to extend wings to Mozambique and develop trade relationships. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms Anne Makinda, praised Mr Nyusi who was elected into office in October, last year, for picking Tanzania as the first country in the world to visit.

She also noted that Mr Nyusi will remain on record as the first Mozambican president to address the Tanzanian Parliament. “This is nothing but a clear reflection of the historic relationship between these two countries,” she said.

She added that the decision was also a clear indication that Mr Nyusi “is determined to ensure that the cooperation remains unwavering.”


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